Mini Rodini Winter jacket
Size: 104 - 110 (Unisex)
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Mini Rodini Winter jacket, size 104 - 110.

Mini Rodini Winterjacket, koko 104 - 110.
Measurements: Chest 1/2 size (from armpit to armpit): 33 cm.
Measurements: From shoulder to helm: 45 cm.
The product has pockets. The inner surface shows a hint of pilling The product is otherwise in a good condition. Nice pattern. A lovely fluffy and warm coat.

Condition:★★★ Fair
Size: 104 - 110 (Emmy size rating)
104 - 110 (Size in label)
Color:Light blue
Gender:Girls, boys (Unisex)
Material: Surface material: 100 % Recycled polyester
Lining: 100 % Recycled polyester
Filling: Material unknown
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