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Mini Rodini Shirt
Size: 86 - 92 (Girls)
23,90 €

VAT 0%, second-hand goods

Mini Rodini Shirt, size 86 - 92. A set. Measurements: Chest 1/2 size (from armpit to armpit): 32 cm. Measurements: From shoulder to helm: 36 cm. Measurements: Waist 1/2 size: 24 cm. Measurements: From crotch to ankle: 41 cm. The surface of the product shows slight wear from washing or from normal use. The surface of the product has slightly faded.

Condition:★★★ Satisfactory
Size: 86 - 92 (Emmy size rating)
86/92 (Size in label)
Season:All year
Color:Light red
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Authenticity inspected by Emmy
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