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Klikkaa tästä ja valitse kandidaattisi!

About sales revenues

Revenue from items sold during this month will be paid at the end of next month. You will always receive an email notification from us when you have earned revenues to be paid. Revenue under €10 will be saved as next months balance.

Choose your preferred method of payment for sales revenue below. Please note that the selection applies to all your unpaid sales revenue. If you want to change the current payment method, please note it needs to be set three business days before the next payment date.

Sales Report

Sales reports are generated for the months in which your products have been sold or you were paid sales revenue.

Below you can see your products that are on sale and sold, as well as products whose sales period has ended. Publishing date and last selling date is visible for each product. The product's sales period is 6 months from publication.

After the sale period ends, you will receive a notification via e-mail and you have two weeks to order back the unsold products you want. After this, they will be processed further and it is not possible to get them back. The return processing fee is €12.90 per returned shipment. The shipment will also be charged a delivery fee according to the delivery method you choose. Do this: Click the desired products into the shopping cart and complete the order by paying the return fee. The products will be sent back to you (in the way you choose) within about 2-5 business days.

Unsold products that you do not want back are delivered for further processing, e.g. for charity and to support environmental and employment work or delivered to textile recycling in Finland.