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Sales revenues

You can get up to 80% of the sales price of your products!

Revenue is calculated from the actual sales price per product sold. We pay sales revenues once a month, generally on the last weekday of the month. Renevue of during month will be paid at the end of following month, e.g. product is sold in January, revenue is paid at the end of February. The delay in payments is due to the buyer's 14-day right of return and the time it takes to mail. If a product is returned, we will continue to sell it.

By choosing an Emmy gift card as your payment method, you will get a 20% additional profit! When you choose a gift card from our partners as your payment method, you will receive an additional 10% profit (see gift card partners). Additional profit is calculated from the balance of the accounting month.

Product sales price – Profit % paid to bank account – Profit % paid as gift card

€ 100 or more – 72.70% – 80–87.24%

€ 75-99.99 – 63.60% – 70-76.32%

€ 50-74.99 – 54.50% – 60-65.4%

€ 30-49.99 – 45.50% – 50-54.6%

€ 15-29.99 – 36.40% – 40-43.68%

€ 10-14.99 – 27.30% – 30-32.76%

Under € 10 – 18.20% – 20-21.84%

Please note our full turn-key selling service is currently available in Finland and Estonia only. If You wish to sell from outside Finland or Estonia please contact our customer service.