Returns Guide

We give our customers 14 days return period for all pre-owned and new items counting from the date of receiving the order. Returning is simple - please read this guide and then start by filling in the online returns form.

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Return fees

We charge a return fee equal to the order’s original shipping cost (typically 12,90 €) / return shipment. The return fee is deducted from the refund amount. If the price of the returned item(s) is less than the return fee, no money will be refunded. The return fee's purpose is to cover some of the incurred shipping and handling costs.

Emmy's mission is to save natural resources and we discourage unnecessary shipping of products back and forth. We wish that our customers carefully consider each purchase and buy only products that they need.

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Returns form

Please first fill in our online returns form (opens in a new window). The form allows you to list the products you wish to return. After filling in the form you will get a copy of the sent information in your email.

If you wish to return items from several orders in one return shipment, please fill in the form separately for each order.

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Packing guide

Once you have submitted the online returns form and received the returns form receipt in your email, you can pack the items for returning. Please pack the items carefully so that they remain in sellable condition and can be restocked. You can use the original packaging if it is intact.

Please make sure that there are no previous barcodes or shipping labels on the package.

Add the following information in and on the package:

    • Inside the package, one of the following:
      Receipt bottom with order info, a copy of your order confirmation, or a free-form piece of paper with your name, address and order number.

      If you are returning items from several orders in the same package, please include all order numbers.

    • Write on the outside of the package:
      "GLS Customer return shipment - [your order number] - Emmy Clothing Company, Finland"

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GLS pickup

If your order was shipped via GLS (EU countries except Finland and the Baltics), we will arrange a GLS return shipment for you. Our customer support will automatically contact you to arrange a pickup day. Please have the package ready and hand it to the GLS driver.

Please be sure to take note of the GLS tracking code.

Finnish and Estonian shipments (not shipped via GLS) have a different return shipping method - please contact our support if you need English instructions

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Do you need help?

If you need help or have questions, please write us at

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