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Emmy is a leading Nordic online store for pre-owned designer and brand apparel for women, men and children

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Source: Finnish Environmental Institute / CIRCWASTE Project

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Emmy is a leading Nordic online store for pre-owned designer and branded clothing for women, men and children.

Our customers say..

Lovely store! I fell in love on the first visit, and made an order right away!
The bag I bought was 100% as the description said, including the rating. Thanks for the great customer service and fast delivery.
Super fast delivery and the items were in excellent condition. A wonderful concept, thank you ♥
I got what I expected: the items smelled fresh & clean, and were neat all over - despite the condition being marked satisfactory.
Thank You! Your work is remarkable. Luckily we have people on earth who think about consumption like you do.
Great to be able to shop good-quality brand clothing online, and it all being so ecological and reasonably priced. I will definitely order again and invite my friends & family.