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Name It

Tricot tank top, size 122 - 128

6.50 EUR
VAT 0, used products
Info / Description
Name It Tricot tank top, koko 122 - 128.
Short model.
A seam has slightly split, but the product can be used as normal nonetheless.
There is a hint of wear on the surface.
The product has a clean and tidy appearance.
Hyvä arkeen.
We carefully inspect each product and strive to record all factors that affect its condition. There are also real gems among the fair-conditioned products!
Emmy Size
Each product is evaluated to match the size charts used by Emmy. Compare the measurements primarily to your current similar clothes.
122 - 128
Size in label
122 - 128
We type the materials as stated in the product. Sometimes information is not available for the product, so we cannot report it.
60% Organic cotton
40% Polyester
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