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Send only clean, washed and intact, branded women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, bags, sunglasses and accessories for sale.


The examples are calculated after the possible costs are deducted and paid with an additional income of 20% on the Emmy gift card. Tip! The better the product, the more you get for yourself


By choosing a gift card of one of our partners as the payment method for sales revenue, you get 10% additional income. For the Emmy gift card, we pay 20% extra.

Purchase price Profit-% Profit-% for gift card
100 € and more 72,7 % 80–87,24 %
75–99,99 € 63,60 % 70–76,32 %
50–74,99 € 54,50 % 60–65,40 %
30–49,99 € 45,40 % 50–54,60 %
15–29,99 € 36,40 % 40–43,68 %
10–14,99 € 27,30 % 30–32,76 %
Under 10 € 18,20 % 20–21,84 %

We will pay you the sales revenue according to the table. The shipping costs and other possible additional costs are deducted from the first income.

By choosing the payment method Emmy gift card, you will get an additional 20% return!

When will the income be paid?

Sales revenue is paid to you once a month, always at the end of the month following the date of sale. That is, for example, January sales will be paid at the end of February.

You will receive a notification for each income in your email and you can track sales in real time under your own seller account. If the accrued income is less than € 10, it will be transferred to the next month's opening balance.

The revenue percentages stated on the page are valid as of April 20th, 2022.

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