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Emmy is all about sustainability

Did you know that reusing a product in its original form is the best way to recycle?

Making new clothes is accelerating climate change
The clothing and textile industry is one of the largest emitting and resource-intensive industries. It has been calculated that making just one new T-shirt alone consumes up to 2,700 liters of clean water and produces more than 20 times its weight in CO2 emissions.

In addition to this, disposing of clothes that are no longer needed generates a huge amount of waste every single minute. In Finland alone, about 70 million kilos of textiles are removed every year, which means about 13 kg per capita.

By using Emmy, you participate in climate talks
Emmy's goal is for consumers to get at least some of their clothing used. Every garment purchased used reduces the need to produce something new.

In addition, when we buy a new one, we strive for consumers to choose quality products and brands that last from one user to another, that is, that have resale value.

All this means that the products are used for longer and thus the amount of textile waste is significantly reduced.

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